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What Signage Can Do For Your Real Estate

If you want to get leads for your real estate business, I’m sure you’ve heard about various methods you can go about generating them. However, perhaps one of the most effective ones you can actually utilize is something that’s pretty much old school: signage. That’s right—effective signage will help achieve much of the benefits you will get out of more expensive methods.

What differentiates regular signage from the sort of signage that’s going to give you potential customers? That’s going to have to be efficacy. How effective your signage is in conveying your real estate image can mean the difference of a huge marginal increase in your sales and leads.

First, let’s talk about the visual mileage you can get out of a real estate sign. Why is this important? Obviously, if your sign isn’t half as visible as the other side-of-the-road views that your potential customer will see as he or she drives by, your leads are less likely to see your sign, much less remember what it says and what’s being offered.

Therefore, your sign has to be eye-catching. How do you do just that? You can make your sign stand out from the background while still remaining true to your company’s general company identity. To do this, manipulate color, style, and layout of your sign.

This also means that while you want it to be aesthetically appealing, you have to put a premium on how readable the text is. The readability of the signage’s text does not rely solely on the size and style of the text, but also the color combinations at work. The color of text against the color of the background must have enough contrast to make the text stand out from the background, without the colors becoming too overwhelming. Put a premium on utilizing your logos and schemes over other combinations.

Moreover, the text of your sign must be more or less simple. This can help make sure that your sign will be readable and visible from afar. This is important especially if you are targeting potential customers who are simply driving by.

Along with visibility of the text and content should be the visibility of your company logo. How else will your potential customers know who is in-charge of selling that property? Visibility of your company logo builds your reputation in two ways—either it makes new customers interested in checking out the property because of a reputation behind your name, or that your company will gain added reputation from the sheer multitude and respectability implied by your various signage in your properties. Make sure that you include important contact details sufficient enough to at least direct your potential customers to your company.

Where your sign is parked or positioned is also very important. The positioning of your sign will help enhance the visual appeal it has, and even the number of people who will be able to see your sign.

As much as possible, you want your sign to be positioned in such a way that will make it relatively easy for your potential customer to step out of his or her car or pause from his or her leisurely walk, and check out the ad and the property you are offering. Should your sign be very awfully located, either the surroundings will detract the attention of the customer, or it will discourage them from trying to find out more about the property you’re selling.



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