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Why Do Real Estate Newsletters Generate Great Home Buyer Leads?

Real Estate Newsletters are publications issued by a specific real estate firm or real estate association geared towards a specific readership population, of a certain State, buyer preference or for the general real estate consumer. Such publications contain various facts about the realestate industry and its related fields, as well as about new products and services that the specific firm or association is promoting. Here are the reasons why you should use the real estate newsletter to find great home buyer leads.

1. Free Real Estate Information

Real estate newsletters are free. For that reason alone, active real estate buyers and investors should be on the mailing list of major real estate firms and associations. Most newsletters will definitely have sections on "free tips" in the intent of firms to show that they have a genuine concern to help consumers and in a way, demonstrate their company’s expertise in the field. Such free articles are also a way to attract readers, and get them hooked to read on to the sales pitches, which is the primary intent of issuing the newsletter

2. Homes for Sale Credibility

In general, newsletters have more credibility than the usual ads. The real estate firms that publish newsletters use it as a venue to establish their company’s leadership and authority in the profession. Thus, they most likely will publish reliable, well-researched and relevant market information, geared towards the benefit of the consumer, in order to maintain their credibility. Get historical real estate market trends, sound predictions and reliable leads through information in the newsletters.

3. In-depth Home Buying Information

Real estate newsletter articles provide more in-depth information than real estate ads. The intent of real estate newsletters is to have a venue to better educate consumers about real estate details that are not covered in advertisements like construction quality assessment, safety, after move-in support, etc. Having such information will allow you to look into more details about the property that you intend to buy.

4. Financial Home Buying Information

Aside from real estate leads, newsletters also provide other information that are related to the industry. Financial information such as mortgage rates, mortgage calculators and bank or lending institutions contact information are among the additional information that you can get from a newsletter. Occasionally, real estate newsletters will publish full-length articles on financial information such as “How To Compute Amortization” or “The Benefits of Refinancing.” Watch out for those articles and make sure to clip them for future use, unless you are into the habit of compiling the newsletter itself.

5. Real Estate Seminars And Home Viewings

Information on real estate seminars and property viewings are also in newsletters. As a buyer, this is your opportunity to have first-hand experience on the property or the real estate firm without any financial commitment from your end. Most seminars and viewings are free, transportation and meals included and at times, discounts are handed out for the select who signed up. Now that’s one opportunity you should not pass up!

6. Home Buyer Testimonials

Testimonials are an essential part of real estate newsletters. Use such actual consumer experience to understand the capabilities and extent of service of the real estate firm. If, based on the published first-hand experience by actual customers, their profile or the rundown of their properties fit the portfolio of service you are looking for, then the company should be able to support you and give you good leads.

Modern day newsletters are already issued electronically; the e-newsletter, sent via e-mail or downloaded from the publication’s website, but offers the same useful real estate information without the hassle of piling paper. Whatever form you prefer, real estate newsletters are definitely promotional materials, but are of the informative kind. As a consumer, you should take advantage of all the available information, which can help you in the search for real estate leads.


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