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Hand ‘Em Out: Real Estate Flyers

Every regular consumer has had an experience of walking around a commercial establishment. Afterwards they find themselves furnished with a flyer or brochure of some product or service. More recently, real estate flyers have gone from a rare few to becoming the huge majority of flyers being handed out in these commercial establishments. It may be safe for you to deduce, as a real estate agent, that this trend is a result of an inherent efficacy of the system.

And this isn’t too far the target either. Indeed, real estate promotional materials serve a huge purpose on-site, in home shows, and even in commercial establishments frequented by potential buyers. At the end of the day, these flyers have become handy and powerful marketing tools for real estate agents like you. Just how and why will be further clarified in this article.

Let’s first take a look at promotional flyers being distributed to the general public in places frequented by huge volumes of people. Typically you hand out your flyers to reputable looking people who are most likely to have the means and capacity to purchase a piece of real estate. While it may seem to the untrained eye that at that very level you are already discriminating against others who may potentially buy real estate but weren’t given flyers, never remove the inherent characteristic of these promotional handouts: they are both compact and easily transferable.

What does this mean? While your regular promenade-walker or mall afficionado may not be interested in buying real estate enough to visit an agent and browse through catalogues, a real estate promotional flyer allows him or her to bring this brochure home and ponder over it for a time. A brochure featuring the best assets of the home being advertised, as well as sufficient information as to where to contact an agent may in fact be enough to convince a non-buyer to consider buying a piece of real estate. The power of suggestion here is strong, and because of the fact that this is a piece of marketing platform that the consumer can bring home, they are given more time to take into consideration the choice they can make.

Moreover, these promotional handouts are easily transferable between persons. One impressed recipient of the handout who is not interested in buying real estate may likely give the promotional handout to a friend who is. The best thing here is this: you are using the power of word and mouth with the reliability of an information sheet that allows the person referring you to give the new lead complete information about how to get in touch with you. This translates to more solid leads.

On location, a promotional handout also allows for your prospective buyers to browse over the features of the house and its excellent qualities while they tour the facility. This means that they are given more time to take into consideration these winning qualities of the real estate even long after you’ve long mentioned them. Moreover, they can bring home the said handout and, with the help of pictures that truly communicate the property’s value, remind and reinforce the good impressions they may have gotten when they visited the property.

In home shows, promotional materials allow for your prospective clients to compare your offers to that of the next real estate agents. In these home shows, these clients are willing to make on-the-spot decisions about whom to leave their calling cards with, and a well created brochure just might win them over. After all, if your brochure contains a very convincing description of the property you are selling, and contain pictures that truly showcase the finer qualities of the property, you are definitely going to find those leads you want.


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