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Selling real estate is quite difficult to master. It is one of the most
competitive and uncertain fields in business where there are no specific

It takes a certain amount of ability, grit and determination for the men and women of this field to flourish. Still, real estate has produced many of the country's popular millionaires, like Donald Trump from the hit TV series "The Apprentice". This is the reason why there are still a lot out there who are struggling to survive in this field.

Here are some qualities that a real estate agent must possess:

1. Knowledge Of The Market.

Real estate agents and developers, like any other people in business, should have a mastery of the industry.

You should know everything that there is to know about your chosen
profession. There are no guarantees of a monthly paycheck in selling real
estate so you have to know how to hit a jackpot.

Knowing the in's and out's of the business would more or less prepare you
for the hard work ahead.

2. A Sincere Interest In People.

Here, you do not just deal with lands or properties. You should have an
ample amount of people skills for you to have a better grasp of your
customer's needs and put everything to their satisfaction.

You should also care enough for the people that you service so that you can give them exactly what they want, and their appreciation should be a great reward for you, not to mention the financial gains that you can obtain for yourself.

3. A Willingness To Work Hard.

Only the toughest survive in the field of real estate. Working as hard as you can in this field, just like in any other business, is the key to

'Using a Radio Transmitter to Follow up on Leads'

As a real estate agent, who would not want to gain more hot leads, more listings, more customers and bigger commissions? You would be amiss not to want these things.

One of the tools that you can use as a real estate agent to climb to the top is by using a radio transmitter.

Here is a list of how you can use it to your advantage:

You can broadcast a personalized, real time, recorded message. Radio
transmitters would help you reach a wider spectrum of clients by
broadcasting your messages to prospects.

There are new transmitters available in the market that let you broadcast
"live", or continue with a recorded message using a digital chip.

This is perfect for 'Open Houses'. Once you see a potential client or a
prospective buyer listening in to your recorded message, you can cut in and personally address the customer.

This way, you and your prospect would have an immediate connection and it
just might lead you to a sale.

You can also use the radio transmitter as a public address system for
special community events.

There are even radio transmitter models which let you "imitate" celebrity
voices to grab the listener's attention. These models are surprisingly
inexpensive so it would not be a waste to purchase them.

You can use two transmitters at the same time. Just set them to two
different frequencies at the same listing so that you can kill two birds
with one stone.

Real estate agents earn money by getting listings. You can use your radio
transmitter to book appointments with home sellers.

Think up marketing strategies that will appeal both to home sellers and home buyers to increase your listings. Develop special offers and freebies for home owners and leave your contact information so that you can convince people to get ahold of you regarding the selling or listing of their home.

Remember that word of mouth is a great advertisement for you so make sure
that the entire population in your area knows about your business and you
just might strike up some more.

You may also sell your recorded advertisements to paying advertisers who
can broadcast your message into their own private "network".

More importantly, you can set up the radio transmitters in your own home.
Record a message that features the offers that you have.

You might be surprised when a seemingly unknown neighbor suddenly shows up on your doorstep, wanting to talk about the listing of their home or someone else's home that they know about.

Remember that the more you use these radio transmitters, the more sales,
listings, leads and prospective clients you will get.



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