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How To Find Real Estate Leads Via…Local “Parade Of Homes”: A Lifetime Goal

In today’s growing economic crisis, most people are reluctant to buy their own home. This is unfortunate because it is a buyer’s market and a good time to buy.

Why? Because properties for sale abound as a response to the recent economic crisis. Some previously overpriced houses have as low as 25% discount.

Therefore, since there are too many housing projects on the horizon, realtors have to work double time and employ radical measures to be able to generate real estate leads. The competition becomes so intense that most realtors find it hard to generate the quality leads that they need.

Therefore, it is best for each realtor to find some effective strategies that will help them produce the leads that they need in order to create the sales and the money that they want.

One of the best ways to do this is through the local “parade of homes".

In this manner, realtors, builders, and developers work together, in order to display model houses that are being sold in the market. Through the parade of homes, real estate developers are able to systematize the building a number of homes under one “sub development” through the help of some group of builders. This group of builders were arranged and coordinated by the real estate developers themselves.

Basically, homes that are included in a “parade of homes” are freely available for the public for sightseeing and explorations. Usually, parade of homes showcases groundbreaking ideas for most homebuyers.

For this reason, organizing a “parade of homes” will definitely allow realtors to find their much-needed real estate leads. This is because most people who will attend this kind of event are the ones who have the potential to buy or are interested in buying a house.

Moreover, local “parade of homes” can give the potential buyer a chance to meticulously scrutinize the overall condition, structure, and features of the house. Seeing the house on its actual condition can definitely entice every customer who is very willing to buy a house.

Therefore, it would not be hard for a real estate agent to convince the person to buy the house, not unless there is a problem with money.

It is a well-known fact that people who mostly go to “parade of homes” are the ones who are interested to buy a house or those who have plans of buying a house. Hence, these people can be easily converted into leads, and leads can easily generate deals and transactions.

Besides, it would be easier to explain presentations and features of the house to a person who have exerted efforts to attend this special event just to see the house. This is all based on the interest of that person in buying the property.

The logic is simple. If the person were not interested to buy a house, then he would not go to all the trouble of finding “parade of homes” events and travel from his place to the venue.

In addition, through the “parade of homes,” realtors can easily take their client through each property in detail, explaining the topography of the lot, the neighbors, the streets, the drainage, the security, the whole package. In this way, the realtor can explain why the property will fit the buyer’s needs.

Having been informed with all the “parade of homes” can provide, the buyer could easily realize that they have gained more than just a roof over their growing families. In turn, they would be more than willing to buy the house.

Indeed, the importance of using "parade of homes” in finding real estate leads is undeniable clear. What is important when using this strategy in generating leads is to make the buyer realize that they have just made a major investment.

When you use this tactic, you should be able to make the buyer feel that money-wise home ownership in the coming decade means buying to sell in the future. Moreover, they can only be satisfied if they were able to see the actual features of the house.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that generating leads through “parade of homes” is relatively effective because homebuyers get to see what they are paying for. Hence, they get to be assured that where their money goes is worthy of its cause.


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